Theory Seminars held in the year 2001-2002

30 July 2002 Josef Speth -- Forschungszentrum Juelich [email protected] From Nuclear Physics to the Stock Market
23 May 2002 Peter Cabauy -- University of Michigan and Argonne National Lab [email protected] Quantum Computing and Cyclic Networks of Quantum Gates
15 May 2002 Andreas Nogga -- University of Arizona [email protected] Bound states of the 4N and 3N-hyperon systems
30 April 2002 Prashanth Jaikumar -- SUNY, Stony Brook [email protected] Aspects of High Density QCD and Neutron Star Cooling
4 April 2002 Charles J. Horowitz -- Indiana University at Bloomington [email protected] Parity Violating Measurements of Neutron Densities: Implications for Neutron Stars
26 March 2002 Andreas Krassnigg -- Institut fuer Theoretische Physik, Karl-Franzens-Universitaet Graz, Austria [email protected] A Relativistic Point-Form Approach to Quark-Antiquark Systems
28 February 2002 Alexander Lisetskiy -- Institut fuer Kernphysik, Koeln, Germany [email protected] Regular Features in Low-Energy Structure of Odd-Odd N=Z Nuclei and mixed-symmetry states in A ~ 100 region
26 February 2002 Thomas Duguet -- CEA/SACLAY, Cedex, France [email protected] Effective Forces in Nuclei
19 February 2002 Ho-Meoyng Choi -- Carnegie Mellon Univ. [email protected] Light Front Quark Model Analysis of Rare B -> K L+ L- Decays
7 February 2002 Shi-Lin Zhu -- California Institute of Technology [email protected] Parity Violation as a Probe of Hadron Dynamics
5 February 2002 Carlo Barbieri -- Washington University, St. Louis [email protected] Long-range correlations and the one-hole spectral function of O-16
29 January 2002 Murray Peshkin -- Argonne National Lab [email protected] On the Spin-Statistics Theorem in Quantum Mechanics
17 January 2002 Mal Kalos -- Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory [email protected] Recent Progress in Fermion Monte Carlo
13 December 2001 Bruno Julia-Diaz -- Universidad de Salamanca, Spain [email protected] NN* Interactions from a Constituent Quark Cluster Model
29 November 2001 Stefan Schramm -- Argonne National Lab [email protected] Chiral Model of Nuclear Matter and Nuclei
8 November 2001 Fred Cooper -- Los Alamos National Lab [email protected] Real Time Dynamics in Quantum Field Theory
1 November 2001 Thomas Luu -- Univ. of Washington [email protected] A Perturbative Expansion of the Bloch-Horowitz Equation
25 October 2001 Alexander Titov -- JINR, Dubna, Russia [email protected] Effective Lagrangian approach to the omega photoproduction at few GeV

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