Gerald Miller

University of Washington

Confinement and the Factorization of Elastic Nuclear Electromagnetic Form Factors -Where did the time go?

This talk concerns the treatment of the non-zero size of the nucleon in the computation of the electromagnetic form factor of a nucleus. This is timely because JLab plans to measure the triton 3H form factor, and the size of the nucleus is not much larger than the size of the proton. The time-honored treatment is to take the nuclear form factor to be the product of the form factor for point nucleons times the nucleon form factor. This factorized form was derived in the 1950's using classical, non-relativistic reasoning. A simple relativistic model (generalization of the φ3 model) is used to test the validity of the product form. In general, the product form is not obtained- the proton form factor is modified by being in the nucleus and the exact result is not a product. However, the factorized form is obtained under some conditions.

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