VMC Spectroscopic Overlaps

Part I: Pickup Reactions

Part II: Stripping Reactions

Older VMC Spectroscopic Overlaps

GFMC Spectroscopic Overlaps

This web page presents recent spectroscopic overlaps calculated for a variety of nuclei in the range A=3-10 with some preliminary results for A=11,12. Corresponding one-nucleon densities can be found here. These are from variational Monte Carlo calculations (VMC) using the Argonne v18 two-nucleon and Urbana X three-nucleon potentials (AV18+UX). (Urbana X is intermediate between the Urbana IX and Illinois-7 models; it has the form of UIX supplemented with a two-pion S-wave piece, while the strengths of its terms are taken from the IL7 model. It does NOT have the three-pion-ring term of IL7.)

These VMC wave functions are the starting trial functions for a number of recent Green's function Monte Carlo (GFMC) calculations:
Brida, et al., Phys. Rev. C 84, 024319 (2011);
McCutchan, et al., Phys. Rev. C 86, 024315 (2012);
Pastore, et al., Phys. Rev. C 87, 035503 (2013);
Pastore, et al., Phys. Rev. C 90, 024321 (2014).

More details of the wave function construction can be found in
Wiringa, Phys. Rev. C 43, 1585 (1991) for A=3,4;
Pudliner, et al., Phys. Rev. C 56, 1720 (1997) for A=6,7;
Wiringa, et al., Phys. Rev. C 62, 014001 (2000) for A=8;
Pieper, et al., Phys. Rev. C 70, 044310 (2002) for A=9,10.

Following are figures and tabulations of the single-nucleon r-space amplitudes A(r) (in fm-3/2) and the integrated spectroscopic factors with the normalization:

S.F. = Integral ( A2(r) r2 dr ) .

Momentum-space amplitudes are available upon request.

In the following, states are designated by AZ(Jπ;T) except the T is omitted for states of the lowest isospin available to that nucleus. Second excited states of the same quantum numbers are denoted by AZ(Jπ2;T).

2H(1+)+n Figure
2H(1+)+n Table
2H(1+)+p Figure
2H(1+)+p Table
3H(1/2+)+p Figure
3H(1/2+)+p Table
3He(1/2+)+n Figure
3He(1/2+)+n Table
5H(1/2+)+p Figure
5H(1/2+)+p Table
5H(5/2+)+p Figure
5H(5/2+)+p Table
5H(3/2+)+p Figure
5H(3/2+)+p Table
5He(3/2-)+n Figure
5He(3/2-)+n Table
5He(1/2-)+n Figure
5He(1/2-)+n Table
5He(3/2-)+p Figure
5He(3/2-)+p Table
5He(1/2-)+p Figure
5He(1/2-)+p Table

7He(3/2-) ->
6He(0+)+n Figure
6He(0+)+n Table
6He(2+)+n Figure
6He(2+)+n Table
7Li(3/2-;3/2) ->
6He(0+)+p Figure
6He(0+)+p Table
6Li(0+;1)+n Figure
6Li(0+;1)+n Table
7Be(3/2-;3/2) ->
6Li(0+;1)+p Figure
6Li(0+;1)+p Table
6Be(0+)+n Figure
6Be(0+)+n Table
7B(3/2-) ->
6Be(0+)+p Figure
6Be(0+)+p Table
6Be(2+)+p Figure
6Be(2+)+p Table
7Li(3/2-) ->
6He+p Summary
6He(0+)+p Figure
6He(0+)+p Table
6He(2+)+p Figure
6He(2+)+p Table
6Li+n Summary
6Li(1+)+n Figure
6Li(1+)+n Table
6Li(3+)+n Figure
6Li(3+)+n Table
6Li(0+;1)+n Figure
6Li(0+;1)+n Table
7Be(3/2-) ->

6Be(0+)+n Figure
6Be(0+)+n Table
6Be(2+)+n Figure
6Be(2+)+n Table

6Li(1+)+p Figure
6Li(1+)+p Table
6Li(3+)+p Figure
6Li(3+)+p Table
6Li(0+;1)+p Figure
6Li(0+;1)+p Table
7He+n Summary
7He(3/2-)+n Figure
7He(3/2-)+n Table
7He(1/2-)+n Figure
7He(1/2-)+n Table

7He+p Summary
7He(3/2-)+p Figure
7He(3/2-)+p Table
7He(1/2-)+p Figure
7He(1/2-)+p Table

7Li+n Summary
7Li(3/2-)+n Figure
7Li(3/2-)+n Table
7Li(1/2-)+n Figure
7Li(1/2-)+n Table
7Li(7/2-)+n Figure
7Li(7/2-)+n Table
7Li(5/2-)+n Figure
7Li(5/2-)+n Table
7Li(5/2-2)+n Figure
7Li(5/2-2)+n Table
7Li(7/2-2)+n Figure
7Li(7/2-2)+n Table

7Be(3/2-)+p Figure
7Be(3/2-)+p Table

9Li(3/2-) ->
8He+p Summary
8He(0+)+p Figure
8He(0+)+p Table
8He(2+)+p Figure
8He(2+)+p Table

8Li+n Summary
8Li(2+)+n Figure
8Li(2+)+n Table
8Li(1+)+n Figure
8Li(1+)+n Table
8Li(3+)+n Figure
8Li(3+)+n Table

9Be(3/2-) ->
8Li+p Summary
8Li(2+)+p Figure
8Li(2+)+p Table
8Li(1+)+p Figure
8Li(1+)+p Table
8Li(3+)+p Figure
8Li(3+)+p Table

8Be+n Summary
8Be(0+)+n Figure
8Be(0+)+n Table
8Be(2+)+n Figure
8Be(2+)+n Table
8Be(2+2)+n Figure
8Be(2+2)+n Table
9C(3/2-) ->

8B(2+)+p Figure
8B(2+)+p Table

10Be(0+) ->
updated 12-Jul-18
9Li+p Summary
9Li(3/2-)+p Figure
9Li(3/2-)+p Table
9Li(1/2-)+p Figure
9Li(1/2-)+p Table
updated 12-Jul-18
9Be+n Summary
9Be(3/2-)+n Figure
9Be(3/2-)+n Table
9Be(1/2-)+n Figure
9Be(1/2-)+n Table
10B(3+) ->
updated 12-Jul-18
9Be+p Summary
9Be(3/2-)+p Figure
9Be(3/2-)+p Table
9Be(5/2-)+p Figure
9Be(5/2-)+p Table

10C(0+) ->
updated 12-Jul-18

9C(3/2-)+n Figure
9C(3/2-)+n Table

11B(3/2-) ->
updated 07-Aug-18
10Be+p Summary
10Be(0+)+p Figure
10Be(0+)+p Table
10Be(2+)+p Figure
10Be(2+)+p Table
10Be(2+2)+p Figure
10Be(2+2)+p Table
updated 12-Aug-18
10B+n Summary
10B(3+)+n Figure
10B(3+)+n Table
10B(1+)+n Figure
10B(1+)+n Table
10B(1+2)+n Figure
10B(1+2)+n Table
12C(0+) ->
updated 03-Aug-18
11B+p Summary
11B(3/2-)+p Figure
11B(3/2-)+p Table
11B(1/2-)+p Figure
11B(1/2-)+p Table
11B(3/2-)*+p Figure
11B(3/2-)*+p Table
updated 04-Aug-18
11C+n Summary
11C(3/2-)+n Figure
11C(3/2-)+n Table

Robert B. Wiringa
Last update Aug 08, 2018