XXVI Midwest Theory Get-Together, 6 & 7 September 2013.

This XXVIth meeting in the series is being organised by Wayne Polyzou, polyzou@uiowa.edu from the University of Iowa, Iowa City.
  • As usual, the meeting will start at 1:00 PM on the Friday, with presentations in Building 203, in the Auditorium at Argonne National Laboratory.
  • Presentations

    The meeting will follow its usual format. Namely, at 1pm, those wishing to make a presentation will be invited to write their name and title on the blackboard. That complete, the Session Leader will select a speaker, and subsequently another. This process will continue until all presentations have been made.

    The talks are limited to 10 minutes and may address recent publications, work in progress, or rough ideas.

    This year there will be two possible modes in which you may deliver your talk:

    1. Talks can be printed onto overhead transparencies. One should typically not have more than five transparencies.
    2. Laptop-based talks are also permitted, with the following restrictions:
      1. No more than eight slides;
      2. File must be a .pdf;
      3. The file must be emailed to Lucas Platter (lplatter@phy.anl.gov) and MUST REACH HIM NO LATER THAN 5 PM ON THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 5. Files arriving later will not be accepted . By following this procedure we can load all laptop-based presentations onto one computer, and facilitate smooth transitions between the talks.

    Access: *** NON-U.S. CITIZENS

    By AUGUST 16, 2013, please click on this link
    Visitor Registration
    and you will be taken to the "Visitor Registration" page. This will initiate the approval process for your gate pass to enter the Laboratory site. Under Sponsor/Host, enter Debbie Morrison's address (morrison@anl.gov) and click on "Verify Sponsor E-mail." You will then be directed to a registration form to complete. Once completed, please click on "Submit Visitor Registration" and she will be notified of your submission. Note: Please fill in your Education Background completely (list all degrees, even those prior to PhD). Also, for title, position, or description of duties, you can simply state professor, graduate student, postdoctoral researcher, etc. (no description of duties required). You will also be required to provide passport and visa information. If you have any questions completing your information, please contact Debbie Morrison (630-252-4100; morrison@anl.gov).


    The meeting will be held in Building 203, Physics Division. Here is a map of the site: map. Parking is available in the lot directly across the street from the front of Building 203. The meeting will be held in the Physics Auditorium, which is on the first floor just off the main corridor on your left-hand side.

    The coordinates of the Argonne North Gate are ( 41.717966,-87.97824 ). For an alternative map, just cut-and-paste these coordinates into the "Google Maps" search field.

    Directions to the Laboratory: Map and directions: Official Welcome Site
    The Laboratory is located just south of I-55, east of I-355 and west of I-294. Exit from I-55 at Cass Avenue South (Exit no. 273A). Turn right just past the Frontage Road (on Northgate Road). Proceed to the Visitors Information Center or Main Guard Gate (depending if you arrive before or after 5:00 pm Friday).

    Directions to the Laboratory from the La Quinta Inn:
    Take the Frontage Road back to Rt. 83-Kingery Highway and turn left (heading south). Take I-55 South-St. Louis. Exit I-55 at Cass Avenue-South (Exit no. 273A). Turn right just past the Frontage Road (on Northgate Road).

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