Nuclear Physics Symposium: Exploring the Heart of Matter

Chicago, September 26-27, 2014

This symposium will take place September 26-27, 2014, at the Renaissance Blackstone Chicago Hotel, to celebrate Roy Holt's scientific career. The symposium will focus on the recent progress in nuclear physics as well as future directions for the field. The scientific program will include the following topics:
  • Nucleon Electromagnetic Structure
  • Parton Distributions in Nucleons and Nuclei
  • Nucleon Spin and Quarks Orbital Angular Momentum
  • Photo-reactions in Light Nuclei
  • Tests of Fundamental Symmetries
  • Long-Baseline Neutrino Physics
  • Structure of Light Nuclei
  • Parity Violation in Electron Scattering
  • Nuclear Structure and Dynamics at Short Distances
The symposium is supported by Physics Division, Argonne National Laboratory, Duke University, Rutgers University, Temple University, and Triangle Universities Nuclear Lab.


Program (pdf)




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4 December 2014