Student Lunch Talk

Conference Room R-150, Building 203, Argonne National Laboratory
Monthly lunch seminar, third Wednesday of each month (mostly) at 12:00 noon



February 20th Matthew Dietrich ANL
"The Radium EDM Experiment"
March 20th Torben Lauritsen ANL
"GRETINA - Gamma Ray Energy Tracking Array"
April 17th Shane Caldwell ANL
"Beta-delayed neutron spectroscopy with an ion trap"
May 22nd Ernst Rehm ANL
"Odds and Ends in Nucleosynthesis"
June 26th Ben Kay ANL
"Neutrinoless Beta Decay: the Nuclear Structure Ingredient"
July 26th Robert Janssens ANL
"A View of the Physics Division: Present and Future"
August 14th Summer Student Presentations
Michael Oliver, "Measurement of 4He Scattering in CLAS"
Jake Zappala, "Investigation of cross-sample contamination in Atom Trap Trace Analysis (ATTA)"
Dan Heslop, "Programming an Interface for Shaping Amplifiers"
Joe Su/Lee Clement, "Area II PLC Upgrade"
Alexander Tetterborn, "Simulations of Atomic Depolarization in Magnetic Fields"
September 18th Adrian Perez Galvan
"Low Energy Tests of the Standard Model with A=8 Systems"
October 16th Calem Hoffman
"Exploring Nuclei Through Transfer Reactions"
November 20th Teng Lek Khoo
"Superheavy Nuclei"
December 18th Paul Reimer
"Measuring the Antimatter in Matter"
January 15th Omar Nusair
"Production of secondary beams via multi-particle transfer"
February 19th John Arrington
"What's wrong with the proton or: How I stopped worrying and learned to love QCD"
March 26th Jason Clark
"Masses by the masses"
May 21st Zach Conway
"What you should know and why you should care about superconducting radio-frequency accelerator cavities"
June 18th Chen-Yu Xu
"Surprises and Puzzles from Probing Yb Atoms Trapped in Noble Gas Solids"

As a point defect in a crystal lattice, a neutral Yb atom isolated in a solid noble gas matrix qualitatively resembles the free atom in terms of their optical excitations and spontaneous decays. Our studies are undertaken to determine the feasibility of optically polarizing the nuclear spins of trapped atoms, which has potential applications in testing fundamental symmetries, measuring the cross-sections of rare nuclear astrophysical reactions, and perhaps quantum memory & quantum computing. The high resolution optical spectra indicate the atomic structure of Yb and the crystal field perturbation from the matrix. The hyperfine quenching rate of the clock transition in 171Yb trapped in solid Ne is measured and the corresponding rate in vacuum is extracted for the first time. A matrix-enhanced spontaneous emission rate of an intercombination transition is observed and is attributed to the change in the vacuum of the quantum electrodynamics. I will also describe our progress towards optical pumping of 171Yb nuclei.

July 16th Sergio Almaraz-Calderon
"Fusion Cross Section Measuremants with Music"
September 17th Brad DiGiovine
"Development of Superheated Active Taget Systems"
October 22nd Helena David
"Recoil-Decay-Beta Tagging Studies of Exotic, Proton-Rich Nuclei"
November 19th Darek Seweryniak
"Studies of Heavy Nuclei with the Argonne Gas-Filled Analyzer"
December 17th Akaa Ayangeakaa
"The Gretina Campaign at ATLAS: Coulomb Excitation MEasurement of Neutron-Rich Nuclei with CARIBU and CHICO II"
January 21st Brahim Mustapha
"An In-flight Radioactive Beam Separator for the ATLAS facility"
February 18th William Bauder
"Laser Ablation and Accelerator Mass Spectrometry at ATLAS"
March 18th Jake Zappala
"Applications and Developments in Atom Trap Trace Analysis (ATTA)"
April 22nd Jonathan Entwisle
"The (d,3He) Reaction on the 136Xe and 130Te 0ν2β Decay Candidates"
May 12th Graeme E. Morgan
"Detector Upgrade for Phase-Imaging Ion-Cyclotron Resonance Measurements at the CPT"
June 17th John Greene
"Accelerator Target Preparation"

Organizer: Darek Seweryniak (, Ext. 1514)