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Mondays at 3:30 PM

2005-2006 Program

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25 Jul 2005 Antonio Villari, GANIL and ANL Physics
Production of Radioactive Beams
Host: John Schiffer
9 Aug 2005
Takahura Otsuka, University of Tokyo
The Evolution of Nuclear Shell Structure and the Tensor Force
Host: John Schiffer
6 Sep 2005
Xiaodong Tang, ANL Physics
Helium burning and 16N beta-delayed alpha decay
Host: John Schiffer
14 Sep 2005
Isao Tanihata, ANL Physics
Magnetic moments of isospin 3/2 mirror nuclei and a halo configuration mixing
Host: John Schiffer
15 Sep 2005
10 AM
Dmitry Budker, Lawrence Berkeley Lab.
Atomic magnetometers four decades later: some new techniques and applications
Host: John Schiffer
19 Sep 2005 No seminar because of the DNP meeting
26 Sep 2005 Antonio C. Fonseca, University of Lisbon
Fully converged treatment of Coulomb interaction in three-nucleon reactions with two protons
Host: Robert Wiringa
3 Oct 2005 Various, ANL Physics
Four Talks from Hawaii'05
Host: John Schiffer
10 Oct 2005 Mike Kelly, ANL Physics
Cavity Processing for RIA and the International Linear Collider
Host: John Schiffer
17 Oct 2005 Cary Davids, ANL Physics
New results in proton radioactivity: observation of the deformed proton emitter 121Pr
Host: John Schiffer
24 Oct 2005 Paul Mantica, NSCL MSU
Nuclear Moment Measurements with Fast Fragmentation Beams
Host: John Schiffer
31 Oct 2005 Teng Lek Khoo, ANL Physics
Limits of stability and structure of superheavy nuclei
Host: John Schiffer
7 Nov 2005 Douglas Beck, University of Illinois, Urbana
Contributions of Strange Quarks to Hadron Structure
Host: Roy Holt
14 Nov 2005 Daniel Bazin, NSCL MSU
Absolute Spectroscopic Factors from Nucleon Knockout with Radioactive Projectiles
Host: John Schiffer
21 Nov 2005 Nick Scielzo, ANL Physics
Weak Intereaction Studies with Trapped Ions
Host: John Schiffer
28 Nov 2005 Andrei Afanasev, Jefferson Lab
Radiative Corrections for Precision Electroweak Probes of Hadronic Structure
Host: Roy Holt
5 Dec 2005 Harry Lipkin, Weizmann
Quantum mechanics and coherence in neutrino oscillations and mesoscopic two-slit experiments
Host: John Schiffer
12 Dec 2005 Reinhard Schumacher, Carnegie Mellon University
The Rise and Fall of the Pentaquark
Host: John Schiffer
19 Dec 2005 Paul Reimer and Nicholas Scielzo, ANL Physics
An Unpanicked Report of PANIC-05
Host: John Schiffer
26 Dec 2005 Christmas/New Year Holiday - No seminar
2 Jan 2006 Christmas/New Year Holiday - No seminar
9 Jan 2006 John Behr, TRIUMF
Wrong-handed interactions via spin-polarized atom traps
Host: John Schiffer
16 Jan 2006 Jeff Guest, ANL Physics
Laser-trapped radium atoms and the path to a next generation electric dipole moment search
Host: John Schiffer
23 Jan 2006 Linda Young, ANL Chemistry
Probing strong-field ionization dynamics with x-rays
Host: John Schiffer
30 Jan 2006 Seminar on Friday this week
3 Feb 2006
Sean J. Freeman, U. Manchester
Neutron-rich nuclei with fusion reactions
Host: Kim Lister
6 Feb 2006 Serban Misicu, ANL Physics and NIPNE-HH, Bucharest
Toroidal Electromagnetic Multipoles and Giant Dipole Resonances
Host: John Schiffer
13 Feb 2006 Jim Truran, U. of Chicago and ANL Physics
56Ni, Explosive Nucleosynthesis, and Supernovae
Host: John Schiffer
20 Feb 2006 Ian S. Towner, Queen's University, Ontario
Universality of weak interactions
Host: John Schiffer
27 Feb 2006 Brahmin Mustapha, ANL Physics
Beam dynamics studies of the RIA and FNAL proton driver superconducting linacs
Host: John Schiffer
6 Mar 2006 Steven C. Pieper, ANL Physics
Recent results from quantum Monte Carlo calculations of light nuclei
Host: John Schiffer
13 Mar 2006 Ed Blucher, U. Chicago
The Braidwood Neutrino Experiment
Host: John Schiffer
20 Mar 2006
27 Mar 2006
3 Apr 2006 Jon Engel, U. North Carolina
Nuclear Time-Reversal Violation and Atomic Electric-Dipole Moments
Host: John Schiffer
10 Apr 2006 Rick Casten, Yale
Equilibrium Phase Transitions and Critical Point Phenomena in Nuclei
Host: John Schiffer
17 Apr 2006 (John Schiffer), ANL Physics
Historical Tidbits from the Origins of Argonne
24 Apr 2006
1 May 2006 Prashanth Jaikumar, ANL Physics
Strange goings-on in quark matter at high density
Host: John Schiffer
8 May 2006 Alexandra Gade, NSCL, MSU
Nuclear structure studies with fast exotic beams
Host: John Schiffer
15 May 2006 Krzysztof Starosta, NSCL
Nuclear lifetime measurements with relativistic beams of heavy ions
Host: John Schiffer
TUESDAY, 23 May 2006 Cheng Chin, U. of Chicago
Evidence for Efimov States in an Ultracold Gas of Atoms
Host: John Schiffer
29 May 2006 Memorial Day - No seminar
5 Jun 2006
12 Jun 2006 Ken Shepard, ANL Physics
A Decade of Superconducting RF at Argonne: Are We Going Anywhere?
Host: John Schiffer
11 Sep 2006 Kevin Lesko, LBL
Title to be announced
Host: John Schiffer

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