Isao Tanihata
Physics Division, Argonne National Laboratory
A New View of Nuclear Structure: Studies with Radioactive Ion Beams in Japan

 Since the end of �80ies, RIB (Radioactive Isotope Beams or Rare Isotope Beams) has been providing new tools for study of nuclear structure and
nuclear astrophysics. The �common � properties of nuclei, which is established though experimental studies with light particles and heavy-ions, had to be changed by those RIB studies. The discovered modifications of structures are not only for details of the structure but in basic properties such as the density distribution and the shell structure.  For example the decoupling of proton and neutron density distribution in nuclei was not expected before but now it is commonly observed in nuclei far from the stability line.  The decoupling brings a large change in potential view of nuclei and also reveal hidden residual interactions in stable nuclei. New view of the nuclear structure is surely necessary now. 

In the present talk, I introduce these new structures and properties: such as neutron and proton skins, neutron halo, and change of shells. Also a recent example of studies to search for a proton halo in 17Ne will be presented. The present RIB facility and newly coming RIBF will also be briefly introduced.