T.-S. Harry Lee
Physics Division, Argonne National Laboratory
What have we learned recently from few-GeV Electroweak Reactions?

In the past few years, high precision data on electromagnetic reactions of the nucleon in the few GeV energy region have rapidly been accumulated at Jefferson Laboratory and several laboratories around the world. Furthermore, there is a possibility that high quality neutrino scattering data in the same energy region could be available in the near future at several neutrino Facilities currently under construction. These developments have provided tremendous opportunities for understandng the non-perturbative aspects of hadron structure and interactions.

I will review recent advances in this research area and discuss opportunities for future developments. The subjects to be covered include: the structure of nucleon and nucleon resonances; hadron models and Lattice QCD calculations; reaction mechanisms of few-GeV electroweak meson production reactions; and the transition to perturbative QCD.