Hasan Padamsee
Laboratory for Elementary Particle Physics, Cornell University
Why Superconductivity Will Propel the Next Generation Accelerators for Light Sources and Linear Colliders

RF superconductivity is a mature science going well beyond technological know-how and trial-and-error approaches to genuine understanding of the underlying physics. Rapid advances in the performance of superconducting cavities have made it a key technology for a variety of accelerators : high-energy particle physics, nuclear physics, neutron spallation sources, storage ring light sources, free-electron lasers and energy recovery linacs.

This talk will focus on two areas of forthcoming applications
(1) free electron lasers and energy recovery linacs for high brightness light souces
(2) why the superconducting technoology choice is preferable over the warm choice for the next linear collider for high energy physics on the TeV scale.