Working Alone Policy

The Working Alone policy of the Physics Division can be separated into three levels of precaution:

  1.  If you come in to basically do office work, no extra precautions are needed beyond ordinary common sense.
  2. If your tasks here include minimal, inherently safe duties, such as looking at gauges or flipping switches on equipment, you should utilize the program that Security Services has set up at our request:
    1. Call 2-5732 when you arrive in 203.  Tell the person who answers where you will be working in the building.
    2. Once each hour after that, call the same number to “check in”.  
    3. Finally, call in again when you are leaving.

    If you do not make one of the hourly check-in calls, Security will send someone out to make sure nothing is wrong.

  1. If your task here includes working on equipment or experimental apparatus, or includes the normal workplace risks such as using a ladder, or doing anything which would require a lock-out, you must arrange to have another person in the area who knows you are there and what you are doing, to serve as a safety watch.  If no one is around who can serve as a safety watch, then another person must be called in to act as the second person safety watch.  Do this as soon as possible.  If you are planning on coming in during the off-hours, make sure you have arranged for this second person beforehand.


This policy applies to everyone: experimenters, operations staff, hands-on administrators and theorists.