Physics Division Policy on Energized Electrical (Hot) Work, including Test & Measurement of Energized Circuits


Electrical hot work is defined as “Working on or near exposed conducting parts that are or might become energized at 50V or more.” The only work on energized electrical equipment that is authorized in the Physics Division is that which requires testing or measurement of energized circuits.


Working hot shall be considered a last resort after all other opportunities for establishing an electrically safe work condition have been exhausted. NFPA-70E permits testing and measurement of energized circuits by authorized qualified individuals without a formal hot work permit. All hot work performed in the Physics Division must be justified and must be performed in compliance with the requirements of NFPA-70E (2004). The only individuals who may perform work on energized circuits are: (1) qualified electrical workers authorized by the Physics Division Director, (2) those identified on the Physics Division Energized Electrical Test & Measurement Authorization document and (3) who are current in the ANL required training.  Qualified persons are those persons deemed by Management to be sufficiently knowledgeable and competent to perform the specific task safely.


Specific Physics Division local interpretations and requirements for hot work approvals are described in this document.


A.    General Policy and Guidelines


1.     All energized electrical hot work requires formal review and approval via a completed “ANL Electrical Hot Work Permit.”


2.      All test & measurement activities other than for LOTO require formal review and authorization via a completed “Physics Division Energized Electrical Test & Measurement Authorization” form. Cautionary note: Voltage verification for LOTO purposes must be performed in compliance with NFPA-70E. Workers must be qualified and authorized.  They must also wear the proper PPE.


3.      All Test & Measurement Authorization forms must identify the specific named person(s) authorized to perform the specified work.


4.      Test & Measurement Authorization forms must be posted at the job site while the work is being performed, whether it is generalized, task specific, annual, or for one-time use.



B.     Test & Measurement Authorization Approvals and Responsibilities


All Test & Measurement Authorization forms require a minimum of three separate signatures:

·       Division Director (or designee) as appropriate

·       Physics Division ESH Engineer

·       Individual who performed the hazard analysis.


All Test & Measurement Authorizations shall name specific workers authorized to perform the work. Individuals shall sign the authorization form to confirm they have read and understand the contents, agree that the work can be performed safely, and will follow the conditions noted on the authorization form.



Division Director Responsibilities

·       Appoints qualified electrical workers

·       Approves conversion of task-specific one-time-use Test & Measurement Authorizations to extended-duration Test & Measurement Authorizations.


ESH Engineer Responsibilities

·       Assures that the proper safety approval process has been followed.


Authorized Worker Responsibilities

·       Complies with criteria on the Test & Measurement Authorization.

·       Understands the safety envelope of work before starting, and stops work if conditions change beyond the original scope or safety envelope.

·       Performs work according to established Physics Division safe working practices.