PAC Cycle: March-23-2018

ATLAS Proposal Gammasphere Checklist - Submission Form

The use of the FMA and Gammasphere, combined or separately, can involve a number of detection systems and special features. The details of how the measurement will be done should be presented as part of the proposal. Some information on these systems is on the web at For assistance in preparing a proposal and for helping the Program Advisory Committee get a more accurate picture of what is planned, we ask you to use the checklist below. Please check the devices that will be needed for the proposed measurement, and include the checklist with your proposal. Note that some of the items are still under development - others may require considerable planning. Note also that a number of the 'primary' detectors (those that may be needed to detect products directly from the target, before the FMA) were developed and built by groups outside of Argonne. The persons to be contacted with any questions regarding the various detectors and systems that may be needed for your measurement are listed on this sheet; their e-mail addresses are given below.

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1. Gammasphere Operating Mode (select one):

2. Target Chamber (Check all that apply):

Gammasphere chamber:
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MicroBall chamber:
FMA standalone chamber:

3. Primary Detectors (Check all that apply):

X-ray detectors:
Neutron detectors:
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4. Focal Plane Detectors (select one):

5. Detectors Behind Focal Plane (Check all that apply):

Large Area Silicon:
Ionization chamber:
HPGe detectors:
Moving tape:
Other (describe):

6. FMA Operation (Check all that apply):

Recoil Energy/charge > 4 MeV:
Beam Power > 6 watts:

7. Other Considerations:

Instrument "Guru" e-mail addresses:


Mike Carpenter

FMA/AGFA; FP & rear detectors

Darek Seweryniak


Ching-Yen Wu


Umesh Garg

X-ray detectors

Mike Carpenter


Demetrios Sarantites

This form must be submitted in conjunction with a Proposal Fact Sheet and a detailed description of the proposed experiment for Gammasphere proposals. The Experiment Proposal should summarize the proposed experiment, the scientific justification and provide any relevant technical details.

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