This utility is meant for sorting source data for efficiency or response functions.

Especially single line sources are not treated so well using the ergular sorting software so this special utility was developed for such sorts. A typical sort of say a 137-Cs source would liik like:

  source_sort 1000000 10 1 1 1 STRICT > cs137.log
The "1000000" is the number of vlocks to sort and "10" is the number of events to print (a left over from dmp_gsII which this utility was developed from). The first "1" means sort one file only, namely the file that contains the cs-137 data. (This condition will is in general meant to stop the sort before 1000000 blocks). The next two "1"s are the multiplicity requirement range, i.e., the spectra will be updated if and only if the multiplicity is one. The requirement is on the myultiplicity after any pileup events have been removed.

In addition, there are two sorting modes:

The STRICT mode is meant for single line source processing for response functions where the STRICT condition is necessary in order to produce the correct response.

If the multiplicity range is '2 2', a symmetric matrix is also generated. Its name is "source.mpg". The matrix can be analysed using the gg utility.

The spectra are written as source_nnn.spe, where nnn runs from 0...110, except, only spectra with real counts are written out.

Warning: this utility is still under development... 95/6/21