This utility is meant for sorting BGO data @ ATLAS using the MSU data acquisition system. The program is build on the msu UNIX sorting software described elsewhere.

The program will almost replace the sofware we had on the VAX for sorting both singles data and into a 2d Matrix. The program is able to sort into a gg type matrix. Thus, you can extract slices with usual background subtraction.

There are two versions of the program:

The argumets to the utility are are

  dmp_msu_8 <#blocks> <#events to print> <2D|no2D> <#files>
An example would be:
         dmp_msu_bgo_9 100000000 10 2D 1
We are effectively asking the utility to sort one file (since 100000000 blocks are a lot of blocks and the sort is restricted to one file). We also ask the utility to sort into a 2D matrix and print out the first 10 events (in a simple format). An event in the printout may look like this:
event print @ call # 6:
_  1>dec:{     0} hex:{0x0000} bit: |0000|0000|0000|0000|
_  2>dec:{  2560} hex:{0x0a00} bit: |0000|1010|0000|0000|
_  3>dec:{     0} hex:{0x0000} bit: |0000|0000|0000|0000|
_  4>dec:{ 65280} hex:{0xff00} bit: |1111|1111|0000|0000|
_  5>dec:{     2} hex:{0x0002} bit: |0000|0000|0000|0010|
_  6>dec:{     0} hex:{0x0000} bit: |0000|0000|0000|0000|
_  7>dec:{    37} hex:{0x0025} bit: |0000|0000|0010|0101|
_  8>dec:{  2049} hex:{0x0801} bit: |0000|1000|0000|0001|
_  9>dec:{  1680} hex:{0x0690} bit: |0000|0110|1001|0000|
_ 10>dec:{ 65460} hex:{0xffb4} bit: |1111|1111|1011|0100|
_ 11>dec:{    36} hex:{0x0024} bit: |0000|0000|0010|0100|
_ 12>dec:{  1664} hex:{0x0680} bit: |0000|0110|1000|0000|
_ 13>dec:{    53} hex:{0x0035} bit: |0000|0000|0011|0101|
_ 14>dec:{  1379} hex:{0x0563} bit: |0000|0101|0110|0011|
#nge: 1, #bgo: [1(p),0(i),1(d)] h: 37
ge  detectors (#1):[ 2](1680){1124}, 
bgo detectors (#2):[26](  36){1664}, [28](  53){1379}, 

The rules of tape positioning are descrihed here. The MSU tapes are ansi tapes, thus, they have several files per run.

The following 1D spectra are colled and written as .spe files:

(there are no conditions on these files).

In addition, if 2D is specified, the program will sort all events with a germanium multiplicity >= 2 into a matrix which is written out as: bgo.mpg. You can use the gg utility to set gates on this matrix.