a0a2a4 angular distribution analysis

This utility is meant for the analysis of a set of angle sorted spectra that are properly normalized. The program will ask for an input file. The format of this file follows from this example:

29 90 151

The first line is the number of angles. Then follows the angles (in degrees) and then the spectra names (in this case the spectra are called qc029n, qc090n, qc151n) - one per line. The utility will read both the data spectrum .spe and the variance spectrum .var.

Both an a0-a2 analysis and an a0-a2-a4 analysis is done. The resulting a0 a2 and a4 spectra (+ chi squared spectra) are written out as:

 chi squared arrays
 ---> chi_1           
 ---> chi_2           
 a0,a2 analysis
 ---> a0_1            
 ---> a0_1            
 ---> a2_1            
 ---> a2_1            
 a0,a2,a4 analysis
 ---> a0_2            
 ---> a0_2            
 ---> a2_2            
 ---> a2_2            
 ---> a4_2            
 ---> a4_2 
For use in a script file the following construction might be useful:
rm -f x.par
echo '3' > x.par
echo '29 90 151' >> x.par
echo 'qc029n' >> x.par
echo 'qc090n' >> x.par
echo 'qc151n' >> x.par
a0a2a4 <<+
mv a0_1.spe a0_1_qcn.spe
mv a0_1.var a0_1_qcn.var
mv a2_1.spe a2_1_qcn.spe
mv a2_1.var a2_1_qcn.var
stxy   a0_1_qcn 0 32 1
stxydy a0_1_qcn 0 32 1
stxydy a2_1_qcn 0 32 1
xvgr -p a2.par a2_1_qcn.xydy