locations of source codes

Some source codes are in /dk/bgo2/util/src.

Some of Mike's modified versions of Radware programs are in /dk/bgo4/mpc/src, but our local version of incub8r is in /dk/bgo2/util/src/incub8r.

The set of programs called "gamtools," and documented in the crowellware documentation, is in /dk/bgo2/util/src/crowellware/gamtool, i.e. a subdirectory of the "crowellware" directory containing butcher, gator, etc.

Sample scripts for sorting into a Hackman-Kuehner cube are in /dk/bgo2/util/src/cubeaid/scripts.

Torben's src directory is "/home2/tl/src". A simple way to extract and compile one of his programs on the local machines is to:

In this example the utilitity dmp_gsII is extracted and compiled in the subdirectory tsrc. Be sure to include the appropriate header makefile in Makefile for the UNIX platform you are on.