MPK - the Mark Peak Program Lives on UNIX

MPK is a program for displaying .SPE files in a graphics window, marking the gamma-ray peaks either by use of peak-finding routine and/or with a cursor, and outputting the spectrum to a postscript file for later printing. To run the program, simply type MPK. You will have a command window and a graphics window. For help, type help. Most of the commands are the same as the DAPHNE version you all grew to love.

One thing to note. The postsript file produced as the name stored in the .SPE file. This is usually the same as the file name. For example, if your spe file had the name temp.spe associated with it, the outputted postscript file would be called If your spe file had the name temp, the ouputted postsript file would be called

Michael P. Carpenter"