Priority I and II Experiments Approved at the March 29-30, 2019

Because of the pressure on ATLAS beam time, the PAC ranked the approved experiments in two categories. Priority I experiments are those that must be run at all costs. Priority II experiments are those that should be granted beam time (indicated in parenthesis) if at all possible. Priority I experiments are approved for the present cycle of experiments, but can be run during the next PAC cycle as well if scheduling conflicts occur. Priority II experiments that cannot be scheduled during the present cycle will carry over one more PAC cycle. However they will have to be resubmitted at the following PAC meeting if they have not yet been scheduled and beam time is still desired. It is our intention to try as hard as possible to schedule a full experimental program and to accommodate as many, if not all, of the priority II experiments.

Below is a table with the proposals approved at the March 29-30, 2019 ATLAS PAC meeting. The last two columns indicate the number of days approved.

Proposal # PI Name Title Priority I Priority II
1774 U. Garg Chiral Wobling in 135Pr 7
1775 W. Korten Shape coexistence in 100Zr studied by low-energy Coulomb excitation 9
1777 D. Seweryniak Rotation of the 254Rf Nucleus at the Fission Limit 6
1778 A. Andreyev Investigation of Large Odd-Even Shape Staggering in 188Bi and of Deformed Configurations in 188Po,189Bi 7
1779 F.G. Kondev Characterization of Beta-decaying Ground and Isomeric States in Neutron-rich, Odd-odd Nuclei in the Light Rare-earth Region 5
1780Y. MiaoHigh-Energy Xe Implantation on UO2 Materials to Study Fission Gas Bubble Pressure in LWR Fuel7
1781B. BackDevelopment of a 56Ni in-flight beam3
1782A. WuosmaaTwo-neutron transfer and p-s-d shell splitting in 10Li9
1786​Z. Favier​Synthesis of heavy and superheavy neutron-rich nuclei in multinucleon transfer reactions close to 0°7
1789D.K. SharpNature of negative-parity intruder states in the neutron-rich aluminium isotopes9
1790D.K. SharpMeasurement of 238U(d,pF) in inverse kinematics using HELIOS8
1792S. LeoniExperimental verification of the near-threshold state collectivization effect9
1795A. SpyrouConstraining neutron-capture rates for r-process nuclei in the A=140 region4
1796M. Avila​Development of a 22Mg beam2
1797A. ValverdeCommissioning the Cooler-Buncher and MR-TOF Mass Spectrometer for the N=126 Factory8
1798C. HoffmanPrecise determination of the single-particle character of the 15C neutron halo state6
1799S. Lyons​Constraining neutron-capture cross sections for the i-process6
1800 B. Kay The (d,p) reaction on 11Be 2
1801G. MorganCommissioning of the BEtA Recoil-ion trap (BEARtrap)4
1802D. SeweryniakTest of the setup to measure the sub-10 ns half-life of the superallowed alpha emitter 104Te3
1804P. Copp​Decay spectroscopy of fission products near A ~ 100 using Gammasphere and HEART for improving antineutrino spectra predictions10
1805P. Mueller​Renewal: Determination of the Nuclear Charge Radius of Boron-8 by Laser Spectroscopy18
1807M. Smith​Investigating gamma-ray strength functions and nuclear level densities in neutron-rich Zr isotopes3
1810J.F. SmithHigh-spin spectrosopy and lifetime measurements in octupole bands of radon, radium, and thorium isotopes7
1812A. Sweet​93,94,95Sr(n,g) cross sections constrained with the beta-Oslo method8
1814​K.A. WoodruffTesting RF Carpets with Radioactive Barium: Ion Transport for Background-Free Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay5
1817S. MarleyCommissioning a Conversion Electron Spectrometer for the CARIBU Decay Station3
1818 S.K. Patch Radiation Induced Cavitation at Body Temperature and (near) Atmospheric Pressure; Microbubble Resonant Oscillation Driven by Ion Delivery 2
1820 B. Mustafa Multi-beam Injection & Acceleration in ATLAS 3
1821 C. Deibel Determination of the 25Al(p,gamma)26Si reaction rate via measurement of 25Al(3He,d)26Si 9
1824 W.J. Ong ​Measuring (a,n) cross-sections on neutron-rich Mo isotopes for r-process nucleosynthesis 7
1825 D. Burdette The Search for Exotic Currents of the Weak Interaction via the Nuclear Beta Decay of 8Li 5
1826 X. Yan Precision mass measurements of rare-earth isotopes across neutron number 102 and 104 12 23
Total 167 69