Proposals and LOIs Approved at the May 22-23, 2023 ATLAS PAC Meeting

Requested beam time

The ATLAS Program Advisory Committee (PAC) met on May 22-23, 2023. A total of 60 proposals and letters of intent requesting 444 days of facility time were evaluated. The considerations of the committee were based on their assessment of the scientific importance of the proposed research, its technical feasibility, and its reliance on aspects of the ATLAS facility that are unique.

Types of approval

Because of the large number of high-quality proposals and the constraints on beam time, the PAC is asked to recommend beam time allocation in two categories:
Priority I: used for experiments that must be run at all costs
Priority II: used for experiments that should be run if possible. The time allocated for Priority-II experiments is valid for 2 years (roughly 2 PAC cycles), starting from the date of the PAC meeting when it was approved. If Priority-II experiments cannot be scheduled before the approved time expires the corresponding proposals will have to be resubmitted.

PAC meeting outcome

Below is a table with the proposals approved by the ATLAS director based on the recommendations of the PAC. The last two columns indicate the number of days approved. Priority-II days expire on May 23, 2025.

Proposal #PI last nameTitlePriority I daysPriority II days
2034FougèresMeasurement of the weak r-process 87Rb(a,xn)Y reaction4
2036PorterFirst Quest for Ultra-low Q-values with Multi-nucleon Transfer Reactions on a 154Sm Target5
2038PaulNeutron-induced reactions in a DT high-density plasma at NIF (II)4
2040BhandariPrecise Q-value measurements with the CPT at the N=126 Factory to investigate potential ultra-low Q-value beta-decay candidates5
2044PetriElectromagnetic transition rates in 21O6
2045RogersInvestigation of the 57Ni(p, g)58Cu reaction in the nu-p process7
2046xWuPerformance test of CHICO-X21
2047ZhangMeasurements of the electric monopole transition strengths in 186,188,190Pb7
2048RedshawPrecise Penning trap measurement of 151Sm beta-decay and 157Tb electron capture decay Q values for beta-spectrum evaluations and half-life measurements9
2049SavardThe superallowed branching ratio in 10C and the unitarity of the CKM matrix16
2051HeeryLifetime measurement of 2+ state in 82Nb - Quadrupole deformation in heavy N=Z nuclei8
2055GoodAstrophysical i-process constraints via the β-Oslo method5
2056Almaraz-CalderonConstraining isomeric contributions to nova nucleosynthesis: A study of the 34g/mCl(d,p)35Cl reaction5
2057Mueller-GatermannLifetime measurement of the 2^+_1 state in 78Y5
2059AckermannSolving the 244-245Md puzzle9
2060LongfellowIsospin Symmetry in 42Ti via Fusion Evaporation7
2061xMustaphaAMIS beamline commissioning for pulsed operation – Early demonstration of AMUU capability9
2062deAngelisA study of the (d,pγ) reaction on radioisotope 59Fe to constrain nucleosynthesis in core-collapse Supernovae9
2064xMustaphaExperimental Testing of AI/ML Methods to support Beam Tuning and ATLAS Operations4
2066ZamoraSearching for Resonances in the Unbound 6Be Nucleus with the AT-TPC7
2067xAhn136Xe Proton-Scattering With AT-TPC at ANL3
2069HoffmanSingle-particle aspects of high-J sd-shell mirror energy differences (MEDs)9
2070RatkiewiczConstraining a Neutron-Capture Reaction Cross Section of Interest to Stockpile Stewardship6
2071AndreyevSearch for the strongly-deformed new isotope 196Fr and detailed decay study of 197Fr9
2072WatwoodStudy of 34S(t,p) reaction with HELIOS5
2074AyangeakaaCoulomb excitation of neutron-rich 86,88Se: Emergence of collectivity beyond N=506
2078HuangProbing nuclei at the fission limit: search for the most fissile super-heavy nucleus 252Rf7
2079BhattDirect measurement of 26Si(alpha, p)29P using MUSIC4
2080SeweryniakProton decay of 116La: does neutron-proton pairing enhance proton emission?7
2081MitchellAddressing fpg strength anomalies at N=286
2082xBhattImplementation of an RL-Based Secondary Beam Optimization System at ATLAS4
2083xSavardTesting an alternate approach for a high statistics 8B beta-neutrino correlation and 8B neutrino spectrum measurements4
2084xSavardTest of the production and trapping of 20Na at the BPT: preparation for next generation mass 8 beta-neutrino correlation and 8B neutrino spectrum measurements4
2085xMaassBreakup of 8B Molecules for Laser Spectroscopy at ATLAS5
2086SicilianoMultiple-Shape Coexistence in Z≈50 Region: Coulomb-Excitation Measurement of 116Sn3
2087KarayonchevTests of collectivity in 102Zr by absolute transition rates3
2088KoenigCollinear Laser Spectroscopy of 101-11Tc at nuCARIBU11
2089ErtoprakLifetime measurements of low-lying states in the self-conjugate nucleus 88Ru8
2091ChenSimultaneous measurement of the neutron and proton removal reactions on 15C: An Exploration of Quenching in extreme Delta-S7
2092xReviolFeasibility of MUSIC plus Neutron Shell experiments in Gammasphere3
2093LOIMarleyCommissioning of a decay station for the N=126 factory