Priority I and II Experiments Approved at the March 31-April 1, 2021

Because of the large number of high-quality proposals and the constraints on beam time, the ATLAS Program Advisory Committee (PAC) ranks the approved experiments in two categories: Priority I experiments are those that must be run at all costs, Priority II experiments are those that should be granted beam time if at all possible. Priority II experiments are approved for the present cycle of experiments, but can be run during the next PAC cycle as well if scheduling conflicts occur. If they cannot be scheduled during these two PAC cycles they will have to be resubmitted.

Below is a table with the proposals approved at the March 31-April 1, 2021 ATLAS PAC meeting. The last two columns indicate the number of days approved.

Proposal # PI last name Title Priority I days Priority II days
1910de AngelisCoherent contribution of protons and neutrons to octupole collectivity: lifetime measurement of the 3- octuple state in 64Ge8
1911RatkiewiczBenchmarking the Surrogate Reactions Method on Deformed Nuclei using GODDESS5
1912RatkiewiczInforming the νp Process via the 64Zn(p,d) Reaction: the first constraint of (n,p) using the Surrogate Reactions Method4
1914RocchiniShape and Structure of 130Te Relevant to Neutrinoless Double-Beta Decay5
1915SantiagoStudy of the 37Cl(alpha,n) reaction3
1917HartleyExploration of the Mid-Shell Neutron-Rich, Rare-Earth Region Via Deep-Inelastic Collisions3
1918LotayNucleosynthesis and Energy Generation in Type-I X-ray Bursts: Gamma-ray Spectroscopy of 49Mn8
1919MatteraProduction and high-precision studies of Fission Products for Nuclear Forensics2
1921KorichiIn-beam spectroscopy of 255Lr: information on a shell gap at Z=114 for super-heavy elements4
1923PsaltisStudying neutrino--driven wind nucleosynthesis with MUSIC: Measurement of the 93-Sr(a,xn) cross section7
1925HendersonStructure at a crossroads: Coulomb excitation of neutron-rich Nd and Ce6
1927HendersonDeformation nearN=Z= 40: low-spin non-yrast states in78Sr4
1928BergConstraining neutron-capture cross section for the i-process around A=1505
1929RichardNeutron-capture constraints for the astrophysical i-process3
1930FavierSynthesis of heavy and superheavy nuclei in multinucleon transfer reaction 136Xe + 238U close to 0°5
1931xMustaphaCommissioning & Beam Tests of the new AMIS Beamline6
1932xLairdProposal to test helium sputtered targets for nuclear astrophysics and structure studies3
1933AyangeakaaCoulomb Excitation of neutron-rich odd-odd nucleus 98mY10
1935xMustaphaExperimental Testing of AI/ML Methods to support Beam Tuning and ATLAS Operations3
1936AyangeakaaExploration of shape transition and triaxiality in neutron-rich Pd isotopes: A Coulomb excitation study of 112Pd10
1937LenziIsospin Symmetry Breaking in the A=63 mirror nuclei6
1938ClarkInvestigation of Odd-A Dubnium Isotopes: 255,257Db10
1940MacchiavelliSearch for the intruder configuration in 35P: Take 26
1941CarpenterMultinucleon Transfer Reactions Utilizing a 210Pb Target5
1943Carmichael58Ni(3He,t)58Cu*(γ) Measurements with GODDESS to Constrain Astrophysical Rate of 57Ni(p,γ)58Cu5
1944xMueller-GatermannTest of a combined Plunger + Microball setup - lifetimes in 110Sn4
1945xSeweryniakTest of very asymmetric fusion-evaporation reactions with AGFA4
1946CrawfordCoulomb Excitation of 14C with GRETINA7
1947LOITovessonAdvancing our understanding of prompt neutron and gamma emission in nuclear fission [LOI]
1948xJayatissaStudy of a direct (p,alpha) reaction using the MUSIC detector4
1949KolosMeasurements of Isomer Energies in Potential “Astromers”7
1951LonglandPrecision energy measurement astrophysical states in 24Mg5
1952GallantMeasurement of independent isomeric-fission-yield ratios using a novel ion-counting-based technique5
1953HallMeasuring 39K(3He,α)38K with GODDESS to search for energy levels in 38K important for the 37Ar(p,γ)38K reaction rate6
1954LOIAyyadUnveiling the possible halo nature of the 12Be isomeric state [LOI]3
1955ZanonTesting ab-initio calculations in neutron-rich 16C via lifetime measurement9
1956SavardMeasurement of the independent fission product yield of 252Cf spontaneous fission20
1957VarrianoA new limit on the tensor contribution to the weak interaction with 8Li20
1958HuangSpectroscopy at the fission limit in 250No11