Selected previous papers

  1. Über die Stabilität schwerer Kerne in der Mesontheorie
    Fritz Coester,
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  2. On the Role of the Subsidiary Condition In Quantum Electrodynamics
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  4. The Symmetry of the S Matrix
    F. Coester,
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  5. Theory of Angular Correlations
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  6. Influence of Extranuclear Fields on Angular Correlations
    F. Coester,
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  7. Hyperquantization of Feynman Amplitudes
    F. Coester,
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  8. Rotational States of Spheroidal Nuclei
    F. Coester,
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  9. Weak Decay Interactions
    F. Coester,
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  10. Bound states of a many-particle system
    F. Coester,
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  11. Representation of states in a field theory with canonical variables
    F. Coester and R. Haag,
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  12. Particles with Zero Mass and Particles with ``Small'' Mass
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  13. Systematic Approximations for the Single-Channel Scattering Amplitude
    F. Coester,
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  14. Internal Symmetry and Lorentz Invariance
    F. Coester, M. Hamermesh and W. D. McGlinn,
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  15. Scattering Theory for Relativistic Particles
    F. Coester,
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  16. Current Algebras at Infinite Momentum
    F. Coester, and G. Roepstorff,
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  17. The Ground State of Homogeneous Nuclear Matter and the Foundation of the Nuclear Shell Model
    F. Coester,
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  18. Variation in Nuclear-Matter Binding Energies with Phase-Shift-Equivalent Two-Body Potentials
    F. Coester, S. Cohen, B. Day and C. M. Vincent,
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  19. Unstable States Produced in Multiparticle Reactions
    F. Coester and L. Schlessinger,
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  20. Relativistic effects in phenomenological nucleon-nucleon potentials and nuclear matter
    F. Coester, Steven C. Pieper and F. J. D. Serduke,
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  21. Elastic electron-deuteron scattering as a probe of the deuteron wave function
    F. Coester and A. Ostebee,
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  22. Influence of virtual Delta states on the saturation properties of nuclear matter
    B. D. Day and F. Coester,
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  23. Approximately relativistic Hamiltonians for interacting particles
    F. Coester and Peter Havas,
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  24. Phenomenological relativistic quantum mechanics of the NNpi system
    M. Betz and F. Coester,
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  25. Relativistic quantum mechanics of particles with direct interactions
    F. Coester and W. N. Polyzou,
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  26. Pion density in nuclei and deep-inelastic lepton scattering
    E. L. Berger, F. Coester, and R. B. Wiringa
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  27. Nuclear effects in deep-inelastic lepton scattering
    Edmond L. Berger and F. Coester,
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  28. Relativistic effects in three-body bound states
    W. Glöckle, T.-S. H. Lee and F. Coester,
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  29. Nuclear Effects in Deep Inelastic Scattering
    E. L. Berger and F. Coester,
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  30. Hamiltonian light-front dynamics of elastic electron-deuteron scattering
    P. L. Chung, F. Coester, B. D. Keister, and W. N. Polyzou,
    Phys. Rev. C 37, 2000-2015 (1988)
  31. Charge form factors of quark-model pions
    P. L. Chung, F. Coester, and W. N. Polyzou,
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  32. Relativistic calculation of the deuteron quadrupole and magnetic moments
    P. L. Chung, B. D. Keister, and F. Coester,
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  33. Convolution models of deep inelastic scattering: the three-nucleon bound states as a test case
    U. Oelfke, P. U. Sauer, and F. Coester,
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  34. Relativistic constituent-quark model of nucleon form factors
    P. L. Chung and F. Coester,
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  35. Null-plane dynamics of particles and fields
    F. Coester,
    Progress in Particle and Nuclear Physics (Pergamon Press, Great Britain, 1992), Vol.29, pp. 1-32
  36. Vacuum structures in Hamiltonian light-front dynamics
    F. Coester and W. Polyzou
    Found. Phys. 24, 387 (1994)
  37. Electromagnetic currents and the Blankenbecler-Sugar equation
    F. Coester and D. O. Riska,
    Ann. Phys. (NY) 234, 141-161 (1994)
  38. Covariant quark model for the baryons
    F. Coester, K. Dannbom, and D. O. Riska
    Nucl. Phys. A634, 335-367 (1998)
  39. Poincaré-covariant quark models of baryon form factors
    F. Coester and D. O. Riska
    Few-Body Syst. 25, 29-43 (1998)
  40. Null-Plane Invariance of Hamiltonian Null-Plane Dynamics
    F. Coester, W. H. Klink, and W. N. Polyzou
    Few-Body Syst. Suppl. 10, 115-118 (1999)
Fritz Coester