Huey-Wen Lin

University of Washington, Seattle, WA.

Probing Physics beyond the Standard Model with Nucleons.

Precision measurements on nucleons provide constraints on the Standard Model and can also discern the signatures predicted for particles beyond the Standard Model. Knowing the Standard Model inputs to nucleon matrix elements will be necessary to constrain the couplings of dark-matter candidates such as the neutralino, to relate the neutron electric dipole moment to the CP-violating theta parameter, or to search for new TeV-scale particles though non--V-A interactions in neutron beta decay. Improved algorithms and increased computational power derived from a diverse portfolio of computer hardware are now allowing lattice QCD to achieve the precision needed to probe new physics in the nucleon sector. In this talk, I will review the progress and prospects for lattice QCD as a bridge between theory and precision experiments in the search for new physics in the nucleon sector.

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