Heiko Hergert

Ohio State University, Columbus, OH

In-Medium Similarity Renormalization Group for Finite Nuclei

The Similarity Renormalization Group (SRG) has emerged as a powerful and versatile tool for many-body physics. So far, its primary application in the framework of the nuclear many-body problem is the derivation of effective interactions from underlying realistic NN (and recently 3N) interactions.

A recent development is the In-Medium SRG, where the Hamiltonian is evolved directly in the A-body system (i.e., at finite density). By a suitable choice of generator the ground state is decoupled from particle-hole excitations, and the IMSRG can be considered an Ab Initio technique for solving the many-body problem. The computational effort is comparable to Coupled Cluster approaches, allowing calculations including NN and 3N interactions even for medium-mass and heavy nuclei.

While applications have focused on closed-shell nuclei thus far, using single Slater determinants as reference states, I will also discuss a generalized framework for arbitrary reference states and present first results for open-shell nuclei.


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