Satoshi Nakamura

Jefferson Lab

Semi-leptonic weak processes in two-nucleon systems --- Impact on neutrino oscillation experiments and astrophysics ---

I present our work on semi-leptonic processes in two-nucleon system. In our model, impulse one-body current and two-body meson exchange current are considered, and their matrix elements are calculated with nuclear wave functions obtained with a realistic NN potential. We apply the model to calculate cross sections for the neutrino-induced disintegration of the deuteron. Theoretical prediction of the cross sections is very important to interpret data from SNO experiment which aims to extract the fundamental properties of the neutrino. Also the neutrino-deuteron reaction may contribute to the neutrino-heating in supernova. We calculate energy transfer cross sections relevant to the neutrino-heating in supernova. Finally, we also apply the model to calculate weak processes in nucleon-nucleon collision. These processes also have a strong association with supernova explosion and its cooling.

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