Alexandros Gezerlis

University of Washington

Bridging the Gap: Fermions in Nuclear Structure and Nuclear Astrophysics

In this talk I will discuss two general areas: a) the physics of heavy nuclei and its connection with the understanding of weak coupling in quantum many-body theory, and b) the physics of neutron-star crusts at intermediate to strong coupling. More specifically, I intend to address two questions: i) can Skyrme functionals have a self-consistent density dependence?, and ii) can cold-atom experiments constrain nuclear theory? These questions may appear to be unrelated, but I plan to show that they are intrinsically connected through, on the one hand, an abiding interest in experimental evidence and, on the other hand, a focus on many-body theory, whether in the form of microscopic Monte Carlo simulations on modern supercomputers, or more phenomenological approaches.

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