Peter Tandy

Kent State University

Seeking Insight for NPQCD from Heavy Quark Mesons and Current Correlators

A great deal of light quark meson and baryon physics (masses, form factors, decays) has previously been accounted for by a one-parameter ladder-rainbow truncation of QCD. I will describe ongoing work to expand our understanding of non-perturbative phenomena in QCD by evaluating the performance of this model (and any limitations) in applications to: a) heavy-quark mesons, and b) mesonic current correlators. Issues that arise include: i) when do dressed quarks exhibit constituent-like behavior?, ii) as the distance scale increases from the perturbative domain, what is the scale and mechanism for the leading onset of non-perturbative physics?, and iii) how big is the 4 quark condensate and does vacuum saturation hold?

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