Rainer Schiel

University of Kansas, Lawrence

Neutrino Cross-Sections for Neutrino Oscillation Experiments

Recently, the accelerator based neutrino oscillation experiment MiniBooNE has reported an excess of electron neutrinos in a muon neutrino beam in the two lowest neutrino energy bins. This was in disagreement with the currently accepted values for the neutrino masses and mixing parameters. 'New physics' has not been able to provide a satisfactory explanation of the data. Instead, it is assumed that the detector and cross-sections are not fully understood yet. In an effort to improve on this experiment, I focused on the neutrino cross-sections. In the lower energy region, coherent and incoherent processes compete, but this is not adequately taken care of in the current analysis. I will show how the coherent and incoherent contributions can be experimentally distinguished, using currently available experimental technology. This will significantly reduce the model-dependence of the analysis.

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