Muslema Pervin

Argonne National Laboratory

Quantum Monte Carlo Calculations of Electroweak Transitions in Light Nuclei

The variational Monte Carlo (VMC) and Green's function Monte Carlo (GFMC) techniques are powerful tools for calculating properties of light nuclei. These methods in combination with the Argonne v_18 two-nucleon and Illinois-2 three-nucleon potentials, have recently been applied to calculate electroweak matrix elements in A=6, 7 nuclei with some success. We are now applying the GFMC method to additional off-diagonal matrix elements for nuclei with A=8. The electroweak transitions for A=8 are more challenging because many involve transitions from a big component of an initial state to a small component of a final state. In addition some of the physical states have significant isospin mixing. Of particular interest are the weak decay processes 8Li (β-) 8Be* and 8B (β+) 8Be*.

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