Stefano Gandolfi

University of Trento, Italy

Quantum Monte Carlo calculations of symmetric nuclear matter

We show the application of the Auxiliary Field Diffusion Monte Carlo (AFDMC) method to nucleonic systems, and in particular to the numerical study of the equation of state (EOS) of symmetric nuclear matter based on a realistic nucleon-nucleon interaction with tensor forces (Argonne v_6'). The AFDMC method exactly solves the many-body Schoredinger equation. The results show a disagreement with estimates obtained by means of Fermi Hypernetted Chain (FHNC) and Brueckner-Hartree-Fock (BHF) methods. On the other hand, AFDMC and FHNC results are very close when the latter is performed including elementary diagrams to the lowest order, confirming the reliability of the calculations, which were already tested on light nuclei.

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