John Arrington

Argonne National Laboratory

New Measurements of the EMC Effect in Few-Body Nuclei

Precise measurements exist for the EMC effect in heavy nuclei, and the data show a clear nuclear dependence to the parton distributions. There has been a significant effort to explain this nuclear dependence in terms of Fermi motion, binding, and several more exotic effects. The interpretation in limited, in part, by the lack of high-x data needed to constrain binding and Fermi motion, and the poor precision of measurement on few-body nuclei, where calculations can best be tested. We will present preliminary results for recent measurements taken in Hall C at Jefferson Lab. This experiment will provide precise measurements of the structure functions for $^1$H, $^2$H, $^3$He, $^4$He, and heavy nuclei, with significantly improved uncertainties at large x and for light nuclei.

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