Muslema Pervin

Florida State University

Some Aspects of Semileptonic Decay of Baryons in a Quark Model

We discuss some aspects of semileptonic decays of baryons. We calculate semileptonic baryon form factors in a quark model and compare our results with the predictions of HQET at leading order for both heavy to heavy and heavy to light decays. We also examine decays to excited states, as experimental measurements at CLEO assume that the decays to the ground state saturate the Lambda_c decay. Our results indicate that the branching ratio for decays to excited Lambda is not insignificant, in contradiction to the CLEO assumption. We have also calculated the rate for Lambda_b to Lambda_c decays. All our calculations have been done using two different bases for the wave function, harmonic oscillator and the sturmian wave function.

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