Bruno Julia-Diaz

Department of Physics & Astronomy, University of Pittsburgh

Hadron form-factors and meson photoproduction reactions

"Recent experimental efforts at several facilities, e.g. JLAB, Mainz, etc, are providing very accurate experimental data on several reactions at energies where the transition from meson-baryon to quark degrees of freedom should be taking place.
Relativistic quark models provide a useful tool in this domain, providing a framework that allows to study simultaneously different aspects, e.g. form factors, hadronic spectra, meson production reactions.
We will present studies of the electromagnetic form factors of light mesons and of the electromagnetic and axial form factors of the Nucleon, Delta(1232) and N*(1440). We will emphasize the differences obtained with the different forms of kinematics in, for instance, the electric form factor of the proton.
Finally we will present preliminary results of a coupled-channel model for Kaon photoproduction where the bare reaction mechanism is obtained from the quark model."

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