Carlo Barbieri


Nuclear correlations at low energy using self consistent Green’s functions

A recent application of the self-consistent Green's function method has focused on long-range correlations in O-16. The approach employs a nonperturbative expansion of the many-body self-energy in which quasiparticles/quasiholes and other collective modes play the relevant degrees of freedom. The use of the Faddeev equations technique combined with the Baym-Kadanoff approach makes possible to include all the important collective excitations and their mutual interplay.

The result is a sophisticated formalism that provides simultaneously information on several quantities, such as spectroscopic factors, excitation spectra, two-nucleon knock out +and nucleon-nucleus scattering at astrophysical energies.

I will review the results for O-16 and some previous application for closed shell nuclei. Due to its characteristics, this approach is a possible candidate for extending ab-initio calculations to medium/heavy isotopes and radioactive beams.

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