Gouranga C. Nayak

Gluon Propagator and Magnetic Screening Mass at One Loop Level in Non-Equilibrium QCD

Using closed-time path integral formalism I will show for the first time that the magnetic screening mass at one loop level in QED and QCD is non-zero as long as the distribution function is anisotropic in momentum space. For isotropic distribution function such as the thermal distribution function the magnetic screening mass at one loop level is zero which is consistent with finite temperature field theory results. I will also show that the same non-zero magnetic screening results is also obtained by using transport equation approach. I will present a resummed (at one loop level of self energy) gluon propagator in any arbitary covariant gauge in non-equilibrium in any arbitary moving frame which can be used in the partonic collision term to study thermalization of quark-gluon plasma at RHIC and LHC. This resummed gluon propagator is infrared divergence free both in chromoelectric and chromomagnetic sector.

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