Ilya Narodetskii

ITEP, Moscow, Russia

Pentaquarks in the Jaffe-Wilczek approximation

The masses of uuddc, uuddd and uussd pentaquarks are evaluated in a framework of both the Effective Hamiltonian approach to QCD and spinless Salpeter using the Jaffe-Wilczek diquark approximation and the string interaction for the diquark-diquark-antiquark system. The pentaquark masses are found to be in the region above 2 GeV. That indicates that the Goldstone boson exchange effects may play an important role in the light pentaquarks. The same calculations yield the mass of [ud]2c pentaquark ∼ 3250 MeV and [ud]2b pentaquark ∼ 6510 MeV.

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