Thomas Duguet

Physics Division, Argonne

Bare vs effective pairing force. A microscopic pairing interaction for mean-field calculations of finite nuclei.

The Hartree-Fock Bogolyubov method with effective forces and its recent extensions such as the Generator Coordinate Method on symmetry restored wave-functions are powerful methods to describe finite nuclei (almost) all over the mass table. However, the phenomenological interactions used so far need to be revisited to address on-going experimental challenges. In particular, the pairing channel of the interaction is poorly known. I will present a microscopic effective interaction proposed recently to treat pairing correlations in the 1S0 channel. This interaction is fully equivalent to the bare NN force at the mean-field level as regards pairing, as required by many-body perturbation theories. I will discuss the disentanglement of the roles played by the range and the density dependence of the pairing interaction before adressing the question of its isoscalar and isovector dependences. As a matter of illustration, I will show how the relative success of the pairing interactions used so far - such as the Gogny force or the density dependent delta interactions - can be understood. Finally, I will explain how, although finite ranged and non local, the proposed interaction makes HFB calculations of finite nuclei in coordinate space tractable.

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