Phiala Shanahan

The University of Adelaide, Australia

Electromagnetic form factors of the octet baryons from lattice QCD

I will present the results of recent lattice simulations of the electromagnetic form factors of the octet baryons from the CSSM/QCDSF/UKQCD collaborations. The focus will be on the analysis of those results using techniques to approach the infinite volume limit and the physical pseudoscalar masses at non-zero momentum transfer. The extrapolated proton and neutron form factors are found to be in excellent agreement with those extracted from experiment. Given the success of these calculations, I will describe how the strange electromagnetic form factors may be estimated from these results under the same assumption of charge symmetry used in experimental determinations of those quantities. Motivated by the necessity of that assumption, I will explore a method for determining the size of charge symmetry breaking effects using the same lattice results discussed previously.

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