Satoshi Nakamura

Jefferson Lab

Dynamical Model of Coherent Pion Production in Neutrino-Nucleus Scattering

I report our recent work on coherent pion production in neutrino-nucleus scattering in the energy region relevant to neutrino oscillation experiments of current interest. Our approach is based on a combined use of the Sato-Lee model of electroweak pion production on a nucleon and the Delta-hole model of pion-nucleus reactions. Thus we develop a model which describes pion-nucleus scattering and electroweak coherent pion production in a unified manner. All the free parameters in our model are fixed by fitting to both total and elastic differential cross sections for pi-12C scattering. Then we demonstrate the reliability of our approach by confronting our prediction for the coherent pion photo-productions with data. Finally, we calculate total and differential cross sections for neutrino-induced coherent pion production, and some of the results are compared with the recent data from K2K, SciBooNE and MiniBooNE.

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