Cédric Mezrag

IRFU, SPhN, Saclay - France

Computing the Pion Generalized Parton Distribution

Introduced in the 90's Generalized Parton Distributions (GPDs) have since been carefully studied both experimentally and theoretically. Yet, nowadays it is still impossible to get an expression for Generalized Parton Distribution coming directly from first principles. In our work, we have derived a model for the pion GPD. We have used an analytic version of the pion Bethe-Salpeter Amplitude, based on realistic numerical computations. This model allows us to get an analytic expression for the Pion GPD using the Double Distributions (DD) formalism. Consequently, we get a 3D picture of the pion. The very good agreement of our model with experimental data encourages us to keep going on this way and expand our work in a near future.

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