Joel Lynn

Technical University Darmstadt, Darmstadt, Germany

Quantum Monte Carlo Calculations of Light Nuclei with Chiral Interactions

Quantum Monte Carlo methods, including the Green's function Monte Carlo (GFMC) method and the auxiliary-field diffusion Monte Carlo (AFDMC) method, are arguably the most accurate many-body methods in nuclear physics. Chiral effective field theory (EFT) presents a systematic way to derive nuclear interactions from an EFT whose organizing principle is the same symmetry as low-energy quantum chromodynamics. The combination of these two is a novel and exciting development. In this talk, I present our recent work on GFMC calculations of light nuclei and AFDMC calculations of neutron matter using local two- and three-nucleon interactions derived from chiral EFT up to next-to-next-to-leading order (N2LO). I discuss the choice of observables we make to fit the two undetermined low-energy constants which enter in the three-nucleon sector at N2LO: the 4He binding energy and n-alpha elastic scattering P-wave phase shifts. I show that chiral two- and three-nucleon interactions have sufficient freedom to simultaneously fit properties of light nuclei, n-alpha scattering P-wave phase shifts, and provide a reasonable description of neutron matter. Finally I discuss some exciting future projects which are now possible.

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