Hiroyuki Kamano

Jefferson Lab, Newport News, VA

Study of Excited Nucleon States at EBAC: Status and Plans

Recent experimental activities at electron-beam facilities have brought new light to the study of excited nucleon (N*) states. Those facilities provides a considerable amount of precise data of the meson photo- and electro-production reactions on the nucleon target, and opens opportunity to make quantitative investigations of the N* structure. Against the background of those experimental progress, continuous effort to extract N* properties from those meson production data is being made in Excited Baryon Analysis Center (EBAC) at Jefferson Lab. The analysis is pursued with a unitary dynamical coupled-channels approach, in which the most relevant unitarity cuts below W = 2 GeV, pi N, eta N, and pi pi N, are taken into account in solving coupled-channels equatoins. In this seminar we present current status of EBAC's activities and future plans, particularly focusing on our recent works about extraction of the N* pole positions and N-N* electromagnetic transition form factors.

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