Arnoldas Deltuva

University of Lisbon, Lisbon, Portugal

Three- and four-body nuclear reactions

Three- and four-body scattering is described in the framework of Faddeev-type integral equations that are solved numerically using momentum-space partial-wave basis. The Coulomb interaction between charged particles is included using the screening and renormalization method. The technique is applied to three-nucleon hadronic and electromagnetic reactions, i.e., proton-deuteron (pd) elastic scattering and breakup, pd radiative capture, electromagnetic disintegration of 3He, and to four-nucleon elastic and transfer reactions below three-body breakup threshold. Furthermore, the method has been extended successfully to elastic, transfer, and breakup reactions in three-body-like nuclear systems. Examples are deuteron scattering on stable nuclei and proton scattering on weakly bound two-body systems such as one-neutron halo nuclei.

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