Vojtech Krejcirik

University of Maryland

Model independent form factors relations at large N_c

Recently, there has been a wide interest in using AdS/CFT correspondence to construct models of baryons. On one hand, these holographic models were successful in explaining many hadronic phenomena; on the other hand, they differ significantly from more conventional approaches, contain substantial amount of model building and unconstrained freedom, and are often hard to interpret. Thus, it is crucial to have a simple pass/fail test to check, whether some basic physical principles were encoded correctly. One way to proceed is to exploit the fact that these models are based on the combined large N_c and chiral limit of quantum chromodynamics. In these two limits, many aspects of QCD simplify and certain quantities can be even derived exactly. The model-independent relation discussed in this talk falls precisely into this category. Specifically, it correlates the long distance part of the Fourier transform of the electromagnetic form factors of the nucleon. The main goal of the presented work is to derive this relation directly in large N_c chiral perturbation theory, and doing so honestly establish its model independence.

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