2006 Midwest Theory Get-Together ... 13-14/Oct.

will be organised by Stefan Frauendorf, sfrauend@nd.edu, of the University of Notre Dame
  • Considering local constraints, a number of known conferences and meetings scheduled for the Fall (DNP meeting, Oct. 25; symposium for John Schiffer on 21-22/Sept; Vijay Pandharipande symposium on 29-30/Sept; Laboratory Open House on 7/Oct), and responses to our circular

  • As usual, the meeting will start at 1:00 PM on the Friday, with presentations in Building 203, in the Auditorium at Argonne National Laboratory.
  • For information,
    e-mail Craig Roberts: cdroberts@anl.gov, phone: (630)252-4095

    NB. PowerPoint or similar presentations are strongly discouraged,
    Laptops will be destroyed.

    List of Registered Participants in 2006.