2003 Midwest Theory Get-Together

Organiser: Charlotte Elster, Ohio University

  • The meeting will take place on Friday afternoon (10/Oct.) and Saturday morning (11/Oct.)
  • Presentations in Building 203, Room R-150
  • For information,
    e-mail Charlotte Elster: elster@stingray.phy.ohiou.edu
    or contact Craig Roberts: cdroberts@anl.gov, phone: (630)252-4095

    NB. PowerPoint or similar presentations are strongly discouraged,
    Laptops will be destroyed.



    2003 Midwest Theory Get-Together - Third Mailing


    Dear Colleagues,

    Thank you for all responses. The least number of conflicts
    is achieved by holding the Meeting on


    Please mark these dates on your calendars for the
    2003 Midwest Theory Get-Together at Argonne National Laboratory.

    In order to

    -- prearrange your gate pass, which you will pick up at the
    `Visitor's Check-In Building' on the right just before
    the main north gate into the Argonne Natl. Lab.
    -- reserve your lodging at the Baymont Inn
    (exit I55 at Kingery/Rt 83 north, then right at first light)
    -- arrange limousine service from the airport (if needed)

    please complete the registration form appended to this mail
    and send it to

    Debbie Morrison at morrison@anl.gov

    Debbie and Donna Nelson will be taking care of the administrative
    issues. There is no registration fee.

    Argonne has a limited amount of SUPPORT FOR STUDENTS
    AND POSSIBLY POSTDOCS to attend this gathering. If you
    require support please contact
    Craig Roberts at cdroberts@anl.gov

    In order to give me a general idea of the topics addressed in the
    meeting, it would be helpful if you could send me a title or topic for
    any presentation by you and/or members of your group. Of course,
    if you send me a title or topic now, you are not bound to it and
    present something different at the meeting.

    Please inform me of any names that should be added to the list
    for this and subsequent mailings.

    Hope to see you there,

    Charlotte Elster
    Ohio University

    Contact information:
    Charlotte Elster: elster@ohiou.edu - Phone: (740) 593-1697
    Fax : (740) 593-0433
    Craig Roberts : cdroberts@anl.gov - Phone: (630) 252-4095
    Fax : (630) 252-3903


    at Argonne National Laboratory-Physics Division-203
    1pm Friday, October 10th to Noon Saturday, October 11th

    (Please Print or Type)
    (First) (Middle) (Last)

    Student: []Yes [] No Postdoc: []Yes []No

    Business Address _______________________________________
    (City) (State) (Zip Code)

    Business Phone_________________________________________
    (Area Code) (Number) (Extension)

    E-mail address:____________________ FAX NO:_____________



    Full Name (family,given,middle):
    Place of Birth (city,country):
    Date of Birth (mm/dd/yyyy):
    Country of Citizenship (note any Dual Citizenship also):
    Passport Number:
    Country of Issue (passport):
    Passport Expiration Date (mm/dd/yyyy):
    Legal Permanent Resident (green card) (yes/no):
    Legal Permanent Resident No.:
    LPR Expiration Date (mm/dd/yyy):
    Type of Visa:
    Visa Number:
    Visa Expiration Date:
    Your title, position or description of duties:
    While visiting, will you require computer access? (yes/no):
    (Need both passport and visa information)
    Accommodations needed for the night/s of
    October______, departing on October______, 2003
    Baymont Inn [ ]Single [ ]Double* [ ]No Housing Needed
    855 West 79th Street
    Willowbrook, Il 60521
    (630) 654-0077
    Rate: $45.00+tax (Single and Double Occupancy)
    Smoking [] Non-smoking []

    *Name(s) and citizenship of other occupant(s) _____________

    LIMOUSINE reservations needed (Airport to Argonne):
    No [ ] Yes [ ]
    O'Hare [ ] Midway [ ]
    If yes, the following information is required:
    Arrival date__________, airline_________, flight number______,
    arrival time________ am/pm, arriving from what city____________
    Departure date______, departure time______ am/pm.
    Limousine reservations will be made with A-One Limousine
    Service. We will make reservations, you will be given a
    confirmation number, and then upon arrival at the airport, call
    1-800-354-5849, give them the confirmation number, and they
    will tell you how to meet your limousine driver.
    (Limo Costs: $33.00 per person one way from O'Hare Airport
    $36.00 per person one way from Midway Airport

    Please return this form AS SOON AS POSSIBLE to:

    Donna Nelson/Debbie Morrison
    Physics Division-203
    Argonne National Laboratory
    9700 South Cass Avenue
    Argonne, IL 60439-4843
    Phone: (630) 252-4100
    FAX: (630) 252-3903
    email: morrison@anl.gov