Thomas Dombeck

University of Hawaii

Pan-STARRS: A Time Survey of the Northern Sky

The University of Hawaii has begun construction of the Panoramic Survey Telescope And Rapid Response System (Pan-STARRS) that will provide a comprehensive time-sensitive survey of the northern sky to detect a wide range of transient, variable and moving objects. The project brings to bear a unique combination of four robotic telescopes with wide fields of view; the largest optical cameras ever made; massively parallel computer systems; and technologies for data storage, retrieval and search of the largest database ever created. The first of the four telescopes was recently dedicated and will begin operation within a year. Beside a search for asteroids down to the hundred-meter size, Pan-STARRS will be able to address numerous science issues ranging from the structure of the Solar System to properties of the Universe on the largest scales, including dark matter and dark energy.

(More info on the project is here.)

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