• Scott Bogner, Michigan State
    Non-empirical energy density functionals for nuclei
  • Aurel Bulgac, Washington
    Some Open Problems in Nuclear Large Amplitude Collective Motion (including fission)
  • Joe Carlson, Los Alamos
    Neutron Matter from Low to High Densities
  • Arnas Deltuva, Lisbon
    Faddeev-type calculations of three- and four-body nuclear reactions
  • Alexis Diaz-Torres, Surrey
    Coupled-channels density-matrix approach to nuclear reaction dynamics
  • Henning Esbensen, Argonne
    Coupled-channels Calculations of Heavy-ion Fusion Reactions
  • Stefan Frauendorf, Notre Dame
    Calculation of the Wigner Term in Binding Energies by Diagonalization of the Isovector Pairing Hamiltonian
  • Dick Furnstahl, Ohio State
    Energy Density Functionals for Nuclei
  • Mihai Horoi, Central Michigan
    Novel High Performance Computational Aspects of the Shell Model Approach for Medium Nuclei
  • Rusty Lusk, Argonne
    How shall we program very large machines?
  • Pieter Maris, Iowa State
    Ab initio no core full configuration approach to the structure of light nuclei
  • Brad Meyer, Clemson
    Reaction Network Calculations for Heavy-Element Nucleosynthesis: The Next Generation
  • Petr Navratil, Livermore
    Ab initio many-body calculations of light-ion reactions
  • Thomas Neff, GSI
    Light nuclei in the Fermionic Molecular Dynamics approach
  • Ken Nollett, Argonne
    The outer limits of quantum Monte Carlo calculations
  • Thomas Papenbrock, Tennessee & Oak Ridge
    Ab-initio coupled cluster computations of nuclei
  • Arnau Rios Huguet, Surrey
    Time-dependent Green's functions methods applied to reactions
  • Guy Savard, Argonne
    The study of neutron-rich nuclei at CARIBU
  • Kevin Schmidt, Arizona State
    Auxiliary field diffusion Monte Carlo calculations of nuclei and neutron matter
  • Brad Sherrill, Michigan State
    Designer Nuclei: A New Tool with New Applications
  • James Truran, Argonne & Chicago
    Critical Nuclear Physics for Nucleosynthetic Studies
  • James Vary, Iowa State
    Ab initio no core shell model - status and prospects
  • Alex Volya, Florida State
    Nuclear many-body problem: new questions, new methods, and new solutions

Additional Participants

  • Volha Abramkina, Florida State
  • Naureen Ahsan, Florida State
  • Ivan Brida, Argonne
  • Ian Bentley, Notre Dame
  • David Chamulak, Argonne
  • Stefano Gandolfi, Los Alamos
  • Eric Jurgenson, Lawrence Livermore
  • Nathalie Pillet, CEA-DAM Ile de France
  • Tianhong Yu, Clemson


  • Filomena Nunes, Michigan State
  • Steven C. Pieper, Argonne
  • Craig Roberts, Argonne
  • Robert Wiringa, Argonne
  • with David B. Kaplan, INT