Vacuum Evaporators

Electron Beam Gun Evaporator

A four-pocket, 8 kW source (Temescal Model ST1H-270-1) is used for electron beam evaporations. This system provides the capability for the evaporation of high melting point materials. The source has a rotating turret containing four crucibles, which enable multiple evaporations to be performed. The electron beam gun (e-gun) is installed on a custom designed mounting and housed within a high vacuum chamber pumped by an Air Products Model CSW-202 cryopump.

Electron beam source

Photograph of electron-beam source
showing turret for multiple evaporations.


Electron beam source setup

Set-up for 28Si deposition using the electrom beam source.


G.E. Thomas and J.P. Greene, Nucl. Instr. and Meth. A282(1991), p.161-164



NRC 3117 Evaporator - Mortar Source

A vertical electron beam gun or "mortar" source, manufactured by Veeco, GmbH, has been installed within our NRC 3117 evaporator. It is mainly employed for the high-temperature reduction/distillation of rare-earth isotopes to produce metal targets. The evaporant material is prepared as a pellet and placed within a 6 mm dia. by 15 mm long tantalum or tungsten crucible. The crucible is then heated by electron bombardment within the mortar source using a high-voltage power supply modified to operate at 8 kV.

Reduction-destillation of Gadolinium

Experimental arrangement for the
reduction-distillation of gadolinium.


Reduction-distillation of 148Nd

Experimental arrangement for the reduction-distillation of 148Nd
onto a 1.5 mg/cm2 "stretched" gold substrate.


Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research B61 (1991) 575-579



Intelvac Nanochrome Deposition System

The Intelvac Nanochrome Model No. NANOCT2I1 vacuum deposition system includes a cylindrical deposition chamber pumped using a Helix CTI On Board 8F cryopump with both "Auto-Soft" roughing capabilities and a manually adjusted metering valve for venting. The system is designed with dual thermal evaporation sources and employs two Telemark 880 quartz crystal deposition controllers, each with a pneumatically operated shutter. Veeco 3 cm Kaufman Model DC Ion Source with Tungsten filament neutralizer for ion assisted evaporation, substrate precleaning and ion beam sputter deposition are also configured within the system. The substrate holder consists of a rotating flat plate, which can be configured for a variety of substrate sizes. Dual quartz lamp arrays are powered using isolation transformers interfaced with an Omega temperature controller, providing up to 6 kW of radiant substrate heating. The Nanochrome system is fully automated using Intelvac's AUTOSYS Control System using either a touch screen or a PC Interface developed using Lab VIEW. This interface allows the user to view, edit and save deposition recipes providing reproducible process control conditions and real-time data logging.

Intelvac Nanochrome system.


intel interior

Interior of the Intelvac system showing C backings.


Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research A 561 (2006) 58-61