From my public lecture at Warrenville Public Library:

Join Argonne physicist John Arrington as he presents some of the ways in which things become very different at the smallest scales of matter. Matter of all kinds interacts to form bound systems. Galaxies bound by gravity, atoms bound by electromagnetism and nuclei bound by the nuclear force share many common features. But at the very smallest scales, where quarks come together to form protons and neutrons, things become curiouser and curiouser. Even though protons and neutrons are the basic building blocks of our world, the way they are formed seems like something from beyond the looking glass.

Arrington joined the Medium Energy Physics group in 1998 and is interested in understanding the quark/gluon structure of matter. His experiments utilize scattering of relatively high energy particles from protons, neutrons and nuclei to study their internal structure. He has received numerous honors and awards for his work and has authored over 100 publications